Most of us crave a deeper meaning to our lives. We get caught up in the daily debauchery of modern day society and often feel disconnected to what’s important. At Modify yoga, we want students to feel that connection, to take a break away from the things we feel overwhelmed by or confused about and connect to what’s important, our sense of self. Our goal is to reconnect to what yoga means and bring our individualism to each class inspiring everyone to live a more fulfilling life.

Modify yoga provides a place for us to heal, grow, stay connected, and modify any area in need of a little extra support. We look at the world from a place of beauty, seeing the good in everything and everyone as we lead from our heart.
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We offer a variety of daily yoga classes including basics, mixed level, flow, restorative, candlelight, yoga nidra (guided meditation), and monthly events and workshops.  Are doors are wide open for all levels and encourage those who are a little intimidated by yoga or those who have been practicing for years to step into our empowering space.  We promise you will instantly feel the benefits just by making a choice to show up.  We work with all types of injuries and ailments and welcome you into any of our classes with a simple description upon meeting the teacher when you walk in.  We are here to provide an individual experience and connection to your body and it’s discomforts is important to us.

Common attire for yoga is a comfortable pair of pants or shorts and a tank top or t-shirt that allow your body to move freely without distraction.  It is also helpful for the teachers to see your movements and body alignment with more clarity by wearing tighter clothing.  No shoes are worn in class.  Please turn your cell phones and/or electronic devices on silent.  This will only deepen the experience you created for yourself.

Let’s move + enlighten!

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2 week unlimited new student special $25

drop-in $16

five class package $75

ten class package $140

twenty class package $260

one month unlimited $120

monthly unlimited membership $69-first month ($99 a month on autopay)