Maggie Carvalho

Maggie Carvalho is owner and eco-stylist at modify eco-salon in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been doing hair for over 14 years developing a passion for the green movement along the way. She has built her career around green business practices focusing on offering non-toxic and eco-friendly hair services and products. Maggie spent years researching products to find not only those that are safe for use and the environment but that also work. She shares her passion at work and in every other aspect of her life. She hopes to become sort of a “mentor” by helping people live more healthy, sustainable, enjoyable lives.

Maggie also teaches yoga and performs with a dance company when she isn’t behind the chair.  She loves staying busy and inspiring others to live a life they love through individuality, being authentic, and pursuing their passion!

modify eco-salon

Inside Belle Vie Salon Studios
4260 N. Drinkwater Blvd Ste 100
Scottsdale AZ 85251

We invest with every dollar we spend, every business we promote. Why not invest in those that put effort into making a difference. Those companies that take the time to research ingredients and those that think about the impact their manufacturing has on the environment.

why green hair?

  • The average adult uses 10 personal care products a day. Each of which aren’t meant to sit on the skin, they are meant to penetrate it.
  • The FDA has no regulations on personal care ingredients before they are put on the shelf.
  • 89% of the ingredients in beauty care products are unevaluated chemicals.
  • Some ingredients are known to have negative effects on your health including hormonal disorders, skin irritation, breast & ovarian cancer, birth defects, respiratory irritation, and many more.
  • Among the most toxic products are conventional hair colors. They contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health through skin penetration and inhaling. By using a non-toxic hair color that is free of gluten, sulfites, PPD, propylene glycol, parabens, resorcinol, ethanolamine, and has a non-toxic, less than 2% of ammonia formula, you eliminate mostly all health associated side effects including in most cases skin irritation.
  • If we have the ability to put our money into a company that has taken the time to do the research and choose safer ingredients, then I think it’s a no-brainer on which we should pick.
  • Most large companies take full advantage of not having to abide by any regulations and add harmful ingredients simply because it keeps the cost of manufacturing down. We do not believe that it is good business ethics to put money first. The consumer is most important and should have faith in these companies that are supposed to be providing us with safe products we use everyday.
  • Maggie Carvalho has done years of research and has tested products to not only provide the best ones that are free from any harmful chemicals but that also work.

cuts & styles

woman’s haircut/blowdry $70

woman’s haircut/no-blowdry $50

blowdry/style $45

dry style $45

men’s haircut $40

child’s cut (12 & under) $30

up-do $80

wedding up-do (including trial) $160


color retouch $60

full color $80

partial highlight $90

full highlight $110

color retouch & highlight $120

full color & highlight $140

color/ombre $120

men’s color $40

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